Friday, September 13, 2013

This is the starting blog for Future Speak.  The purpose of the blog is to exchange ideas as to whether and how we humans are to survive into the far future,i.e. give our children's children a chance.  Sound like altruism. Now stop and think...look at the many ways we go to war and kill over religious thinking.  Look at the starving children around the world,where a few of us soak in luxury.  How often do we think we can loose the minds of those who may grow up into the genius we need to Navigate human kind to where the species can survive.  Wouldn't it be our true mission to understand the genesis of being.  Some of this is noted on the site  or go to .

But, one site is not enough.  Enter this blog ... give opinions, ideas, whatever you feel.  But keep in mind the importance of your blogging... It relates to the world and life that our children will have to deal with .

The Future Navigator